Together, we can make a difference!

Ministries are a great way to get connected. It is also a great way to make a difference in others by serving, encouraging, and teaching. Joining a ministries begins to create a difference in you in the process. Check out our ministries and join us to serve one another. 

Activate Kids

The purpose for Activate Kids is to share Christ on their level, encourage them in a surrendered life, surround them with God's love, equip them to serve Him, and set them in motion to share with others. 

Ages: 1st-5th Grade

Student Ministry

Leading ordinary students to extraordinary possibilities. We believe in the students. They are the future of tomorrow and the promise of today and we want to help them discover a purpose worth living for as they serve each other, the church, and the community.

EXIT 109 also has many events planned during the year to disciple and connect with the students. Check our Calendar for events dealing with EXIT 109.

Ages: 6th-12th grade

EXIT 109 is led by Jimmy and Jenn Shaffer

Royal Rangers

The Mission of Royal Rangers is to evangelize, equip, and empower boys for Christ by developing the total boy spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially. Ranger Kids (K-2nd grades), Discovery Rangers (3rd-5th grades) meet Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Led by: Geoffrey Nyagawa

Girls Ministries

A way to change the world one girl at a time! This program helps fulfill the Titus 2 principle from the Bible of women mentoring young girls. Girls Ministries is made of four clubs: Rainbows, Daisies, Prims, and Stars. These clubs range from ages 3-5 (girls and boys) and 1st to 5th grades (girls). They meet every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Girls Ministries is led by Renee Ennels.



Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings

Ages 0 – 2

In Living Word's nursery, we’re not just changing diapers, we’re changing lives. Every child is well cared for. Children play, sing, and spend time with our wonderful team of nursery workers. 


Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings

Ages 3 - 5

We have a wonderful toddler's program. Kids get to play, sing, draw, and every child will get to participate in Bible lessons. The kids will have a great time with our team. 

Check In and Security

Living Word takes the safety of children seriously. Parents check each child age 11 and under into our secure, computerized check-in system. First time guests should connect with our team, where an attendant can add new children to the system and answer any questions about our children's programs.

Calming Room

Sunday mornings -

We offer a Mother's Room with a live video feed from the Sanctuary in room 1. Whether you need to nurse during the service, or just step out and soothe your child, this room allows you to have privacy without missing out on the service.

*All volunteers are fingerprinted and background checked.

*Nursery and Toddlers are available during the 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM service. Activate Kids is available during 9:00 AM.

All other kids' programs are available on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM